Happy evening

After work today I had the energy to go to the gym! After a month or so of laziness – doing nothing – I went to my local gym and signed up again. After that, me and my buddy went to watch a football match. Real Madrid vs PSG 1-0 (I wasn’t expecting that). More to add, I felt that my libido levels were up to a two month (or so) high. I’m happy for that. I hope I’ll start dating again soon after.

The key is to stay awake and stop the fucking procrastination, which is enemy number one. Sadly, my city is not that high in wandering girls. But even though – I hope to start doing pick up nevertheless.

OK, I must go to sleep now, but before that, here are my three good doings of today:

  • I signed up for the gym again;
  • I went out with my buddy to a few local bars to have a beer, chat and watch football – this was very good;
  • I tidied up my home (at least it seems to me that I did). That doesn’t seem much, but for me – the person that I was for the last month or so – this is a big deal.

Vivid nights

My head is much clearer after 11 pm. At this time I start planning my future, start eating, start writing bogs, reading and so on. I must fix this somehow. I am thinking about shifting my sleeping habits. Maybe get up at 3 am? Or maybe have a nap after work… We’ll see.

Oh. Also three good things I did today:

  1. got up early for a jog.
  2. started doing this blogging/writing good things routine. (I’ll do this daily)
  3. read a book